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Chakkiligintha (చక్కిలిగింత) 2014


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BannerMahi's Entertainments Pvt.Ltd
DirectorVema Reddy
ProducerNarasimha Chary, Narasimha Reddy
Music DirectorMickey J Meyer
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersSiddharth, Aditya, Anudeep, Mickey J. Meyer, Haricharan, Sai Shivani, Karthik, Ramya Behra
AdiSumanth Ashwin
Viva Harsha
Surekha vani
Thagubothu Ramesh
Adi ( Sumanth Ashwin) comes up with a new concept. Why should girls have all the fun? He lectures his friends that instead of them running around the girls, it should be the other way round. He sells his theory. The girls, understandably, are taken aback with the boys ignoring them. They feel miserable. If Adi's got a concept that's changed the nature of the boys, Avi's Rehena comes up with an idea to counter that concept. The girls pin their hopes on Avi, and eventually with her plans working out, the boys once again behave like boys, running after them and doing their bidding.

Adi and Avi throw a challenge at each other. Adi will behave like Avi is his girlfriend and Avi too will consider him as her boyfriend. Avi will try to make Adi express his love for her and Adi tells her he will never ever do that.

Smart as she proves to be, Avi is clearly winning at every stage. And one day, it happens in front of everyone. Adi declares his love for Avi. He accepts that his concept has failed and it is not right for boys to expect that it should be girls who should be the first ones to express their love. But Adi gets a shock. Avi tells him that she does not love him and her only purpose in moving around with him was to prove that his concept was wrong.

Avi goes back to her hometown Visakhapatnam but Adi follows her from Hyderabad. Avi's wedding is fixed with another boy as she consents to the proposal that her parents bring. What will Adi do?
Release Date05-December-2015

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