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Chaahat Ek Nasha (चाहत एक नशा) 2005


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Character Actor/Actress
Dhana LakshmiKalyani
Raghunadha Reddy
Siva Parvathy
Krishna Chaitanya
Draksharamam Saroja
Narsing Yadav
Baby Sruthi
Master Manoj
Raju (Srikanth) and Dhana Lakshmi (Kalyani) are childhood friends. They love each other and never express it. As the fate has it, Dhana Lakshmi gets married to another guy. Raju gets married to a rich girl called Bhanu (Gopika). Later on, Dhana Lakshmi encounters a tragedy and becomes a poor widow. She starts doing daily labor to feed herself and her kid. Raju comes across her on a road one day and feels pity after realizing her fate. He gives her a job as a maidservant at his house by hiding the fact to his wife that Dhanalakshmi was his childhood friend. The rest of the film is about what happens if Bhanu comes to know that Raju and Dhanalakshmi were childhood friends and had crush for each other at one point of time.
Release Date1-October-2004
BannerAmrapali Media Vision Pvt. Ltd.
DirectorRakesh Ranjan Kumar
WriterRakesh Ranjan Kumar, Nalin Singh
ProducerDr. Anil Kumar Sharma, Pallavi Mishra
Music DirectorSanjoy Chowdhury
CinematographyFuwad Khan
Film EditingShree Narayan Singh
Art DirectorVivek Mandrekar
Camera Operator
Assistant CameramenSumit Survase
Playback SingersPenaz Masani, Daler Mehndi, Priya Bhattacharya, Mazumdar, Shoureen, Bensen Baby, Aman P, Vasundhara, Shaan, Jagjit Singh, Dr. Bhupen Hazarika

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