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Calling Bell (కాలింగ్ బెల్) 2015

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BannerGolden Time Pictures
DirectorPanna Royal
WriterPanna Royal
ProducerAnood Basha
Music DirectorP.Sukumar
CinematographyVivek S Kumar
Film EditingSri Santhosh
Art DirectorMouli
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersBaba Sehgal, Bandi Satyam, Karthik, Pranavi, Geetha Madhuri
Character Actor/Actress
KarthikRavi Varma
VishaliMamatha Rahuth
AmarSankeerth Chowdary
HarshaVamsi Krishna
RiyaVriti Khanna
Chalaki Chanti
Naresh Kaveti
Sammeta Gandhi
Vamsi Ram
Karthik (Ravi Varma) and his wife Vishali (Mamatha Rahuth) go for a holiday and stay at a bungalow. A sadhu, who is seen around the bungalow, forewarns Karthik that his life is in danger and that he would be killed by his wife, now possessed with a devil. However Karthik saves himself and leaves the bungalow. Now Karthik’s brother and his four buddies Vishal, Amar, Tulasi and Riya plan to go on a vacation. Karthik’s brother suggests that they all holiday at the same bungalow where his brother has recently spent some time with his wife. They all agree and go to the same bungalow to holiday together.

The devil once again now chooses a couple from among the friends and possesses the lady. The devil’s only desire is to conceive a child. Would the devil’s dreams of conceiving kids come true? She failed once with Karthik and his wife Vishali. Would she be successful this time with the five friends? What happens to them? What about the Sadhu who is seen around the haunted bungalow?Forms the rest of the story.
Release Date21-March-2015

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