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Bazooband (बाजूबंद) 1954

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BannerVariety Production
Director Ramanand Sagar
Writer Ramanand Sagar
ProducerAsha biswas
Orginal musicMohammed Shafi
CinematographyM. W. Mukadam
Film EditingR. S. Junnarkar
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersLata mangeshhkar, Asha Bhosle, G.M. Durrani
CharacterActor / Actress
Balraj Sahni
Sulochana Chatterjee
Om Prakash
Anwar Hussain
B.R. Sharma
Ramesh Kapoor
The ancient forces of Virtues and Vices, from times immemorial, are on combat for supremacy of one cver the other. . However, queer enough - the women all over the world, especially of the NOBLE EAST, have been living a vital dual role to this day of campaign, both as oppressed and the oppressor. . The hot favourites of Miss Fortune have been often unfortunate enough to have fallen easy victim to the infallible weapon of Vices....the Other Woman and Wine ! As it appeared, the happiness of innumerable homes disappeared. . Sanwere Seth (Om Prakash) is already a living example. Seth Surajmal (Balraj Sahni) is the fresher one, going astray- dazed by the expositions of a sweet curvaceous Gold-digger (Roopmala) who had sold to him the lures of Wine. . BAZOOBAND on one hand is the echo of the heart - rending cries, escaping in one strain, from dark and illuminated corners of homes of the rich and poor alike. One the other hand it is full with festive air of Gaiety, Eyeful dances, heart-burning incidents, dished ut by the Other Woman - always a precious One ! . Radha (Sulochna Chaterji) could stand it no longer, for the Other Woman and Wine were theratening to explode the happiness of her hearth and home na dher childre. . She had nothing except faith in God and selfess devotion to her husband. That was enough, she thought.....and she stood to her full stature.....the Full Stature of the traditional Woman Of The East, to right the wrong sone to her. . There she suffered tortures on every step she took....on every turn she had. Come whatever might, Radha would not rest. Vices are a burning scar on the face of Humanity. She wants to redeem the unblemished face lost to the ways of lure. She in truer sense deserves to be called Crown of the Creation, the final Manifestation of Humanity....the Woman..... the precious Diamond set in BAZOOBAND. . Of course there was a sharp contrast between the bewitching Other Woman and the simple devotee to her husband-our Radha. The difference tipped the scales.
Release date1954
Awards: Unknown.
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Lyrics: Prem Dhawan, Daag | Music: Mohammed Shafi

1. Man Me Laagi Aag | मन मे लागी आग     
Voice: Lata Mangeshkar

2. Aarzoo Ye Hai Ke Nikle Dam | आरज़ू ये है के निकले दम     
Voice: Lata Mangeshkar

3. Bina Dosh Sita Mata Ko Diya | बिना दोष सीता माता को दिया     
Voice: Asha Bhosle

4. Dil Ki Mehfil Me Aake Chale | दिल की महफ़िल मे आके चले     
Voice: Lata Mangeshkar

5. Diya Bujhaao Jhatpat | दिया बुझाओ झटपट     
Voice: G. M. Durrani

6. Meri Wohi Tamanna Tere | मेरी वोही तमन्ना तेरे     
Voice: Lata Mangeshkar

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