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Bandhalu Anubandhalu (బంధాలు అనుబంధాలు) 1982

bandhalu anubandhalu_1982

Show details

BannerGuna Chitra
Music DirectorK. V. Mahadevan
Film EditingN.M. Yadav Victor
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersS.P. Bala subrahmanyam, P. Susheela, Ramesh
RamuShoban Babu
Sobhan babu is a psychriatrist in this movie and Inspector Chiranjeevi brings a patient, Ranganath to him.Bandhalu Anubandhalu Chiranjeevi is investigating a case in which, someone tried to kill Ranganath by shooting at him, and he lost memory in that attack. Sobhan babu’s wife Lakshmi and his compounder Maada are chiranjeevi’s prime suspects but he can’t prove anything against them till Ranganath himself recollects his past.Sobhanbabu tries all methods possible to bring back Ranganath’s memory but keeps failing. At one instance when doctor makes him hear bullets sound, Ranganath remembers that it was a lady, who tried to shoot him. Chiranjeevi makes Lakshmi act like the lady who shot Ranganath but fails to make him recollect his memory. He brings a couple from a drama company and makes them act in front of all as if, the guy is trying to rape the woman. Ranganath responds violently to this scene and hits the man to save her. Chiranjeevi understands the reason why some lady tried to kill Ranganath. Meanwhile Maada helps Ranganath to escape from home, but he comes back and Sobhanbabu warns everyone. Ranganath sees a picture of sobhanbabu’s family in his childhood and recollects everything. He identifies himself as sobhanbabu’s elder brother who was lost during childhood. He also recollects that he tried to rape Lakshmi and she shot him. Before sobhanbabu calls inspector chiranjeevi to reveal this news, Ranganath tries to escape. But he is cornered by Chiranjeevi. Ranganath snatches his revolver and shoots himself for his sin and saves lakshmi.
Release Date26-Novmber-1982

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