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Bajatey Raho (बजाते रहो) 2013

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BannerMulti Screen Media, Eros International
DirectorShashant A Shah
WriterZafar A Khan
ProducerKrishika Lulla
Music DirectorJaidev Kumar, Honey Singh, RDB, Gajendra Verma, Vikram Singh
CinematographyArun Varma
Film EditingAseem Sinha
Art DirectorRavikant Bhakre
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersAnmol Malik, Sona Mahapatra, Honey Singh, Manjeet Ral-RDB, Gajendra Verma
Character Actor/Actress
Sukhwinder Baweja / SukhiTusshar Kapoor
Jasbeer Baweja / Mrs. Hansal MehtaDolly Ahluwalia
BalluRanvir Shorey
Mintoo HasanVinay Pathak
ManpreetVishakha Singh
Mohanlal SabharwalRavi Kissen
NanijiKamlesh Gill
Principal SethiRammakant Daayama
KabootarHusaan Saad
RamanRajinder Nanu
PawanVikas Mohla
GudiyaAnya Singh
Aman KapoorNikhil Pandey
Neyha Sharma
JeniSvetlana Manolyo
BaggaBrijendra Kala
Baweja JiYogendra Tikku
Maryam Zakaria
Scarlett Mellish Wilson
Sunil Chitkara
A crooked businessman Mohanlal Sabbarwahl (Ravi Kissen) swindles people of their hard-earned money and frames an honest bank officer, Mr. Baweja, and his assistant Zaira. Unable to handle the humiliation of having been arrested, Baweja dies due to cardiac arrest. Now Sukhi (Tusshar Kapoor), Mrs. Baweja aka mummyji (Dolly Ahluwalia), Zaira's husband Mintoo (Vinay Pathak) and their well-wisher Ballu (Ranvir Shorey) must somehow return 15 crore to the investors to save Baweja's name and to free Zaira. They devise various plans to con Sabbarwahl and strategically loot back the investor's money. In their first act Sukhi and Ballu do a sting operation on the principal of a school run by Sabbarwahl and extort 3 crore from him. Next Mummyji and Mintoo, disguised as food inspectors, raid Sabbarwahl's milk factory where his two brothers-in-law were producing artificial milk. Sabbarwahl asks them to secretly transfer all the cash in the factory to his girlfriend's flat in a fridge. Sukhi and Ballu follow them and try to exchange the fridge with an empty one but Sabbarwahl reaches the flat on time and the plan fails. This creates a rift between Suhki and Ballu. As per their last plan, Sukhi's girlfriend Manpreet (Vishakha Singh), posing as dance trainer, goes to Sabbarwahl's house to spy on him. They soon come to know that Sabbarwahl, busy preparing for his daughter's wedding, has promised to pay 15 crore to her in-laws, the Kapoors. Meanwhile, Mummyji and Mintoo, disguised as Hansal builders, instigate the Kapoors against Sabbarwahl. Finally on the wedding night, Sukhi and Ballu dressed as caterers sneak into Sabbarwahl's farmhouse and hide all the money in gift packs. Sabbarwahl unknowingly distributes all the money hidden in gift boxes to guests who were actually the investors. On knowing the truth about Sukhi and the group, Sabbarwahl attacks them with a gun, only to be confronted by his own daughter. Sabbarwahl confesses to his crime and is later jailed for seven years, which completes the revenge of the Baweja family.
Release Date26-July-2013

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