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Babai Abbai (బాబాయ్ అబ్బాయ్) 1985

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BannerUshodaya Movies
ProducerS Sudhakar Reddy
Music DirectorK.Chakravarthy
CinematographyB Kondaiah
Film EditingGoutham Raju
Art DirectorK Bhaskara Raju
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersS.P.Balasubrahmanyam , S.Janaki
CharacterActor / Actress
Suthi Veerabhadra Rao
Suthi Velu
Pavala Shyamala
Balasubrahmanyam (Balakrishna), an orphan, falls in love with Krishnaveni (Anita Reddy), the only daughter of the millionaire Prasad Rao (Sutti Velu). When Bala informs his love to Prasad Rao, Prasad Rao puts forth a clause to Bala, if he wants to marry Krishnaveni, that Bala has to spend 25 lakhs in 30 days "legally", and not to meet Krishnaveni during this one month's time. Whether Bala succeeds and wins Krishna forms the rest of the story.The film is a rehash of Vaddante Dabbu produced by H.M. Reddy and directed by Y.R. Swamy with NTR, Shavukaru Janaki, Peketi Sivaram, Jamuna, and Rajanala forming the main cast. The original itself was in fact inspired by a Marathi film. The climax has resemblances to that of the English film It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (on which the movie Kishkindha Kanda was based later). Musically, this is one of the melodious films for Chakravarthy. All the songs are melodious, as he tries different mold than his regular mark. About the Shooting: The film started shooting on Sept 07, 1984 in Vizag. The first shot on Balakrishna was clapped on by the art director Bhaskar Raju, while Jandhyala switched on the camera. Most of the shooting was done in and around Vizag, except for a few beach shots and a theatre shot that were done in Madras. The film's shooting witnessed as many as 22 accidents, two of them being really major accidents. Two accidents involved the hero Balakrishna, two involved the heroine Anita Reddy, and one was for 'Vizag' Prasad, and all these were major! Anita Reddy, who was not familiar with driving, had to enact a scene where she hits Balakrishna with her vehicle. With just a day's practice, she actually hit him hard, using the accelerator instead of the brake, and Balakrishna had to be hospitalized for a day! Another accident was also similar, except that she bumped into a vegetable vendor's cart this time. (Both the scenes in the film were really these accidents!) Balakrishna's second accident happened in climax, as he fell off while riding a horse. He was not injured a lot luckily, in this accident.
Release date8-February-1985

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