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Awara (आवारा) 1951


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BannerRK Films
DirectorRaj Kapoor 
WriterKhwaja Ahmad Abbas, V.P. Sathe
ProducerRaj Kapoor
Music DirectorShankar-Jaikishan
CinematographyRadhu Karmakar
Film EditingG.G. Mayekar 
Art DirectorM.R. Achrekar 
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersShamshad Begum, Manna Dey, Lata Mangeshkar, Mukesh, Mohammad Rafi
CharacterActor / Actress
Justice RaghunathPrithviraj Kapoor
Raj RaghunathRaj Kapoor
JaggaK.N. Singh
Young RajShashi Kapoor
Bar DancerCuckoo
DubeyB.M. Vyas
Mr. Raghunath's Sister-In-LawLeela Mishra
Young RitaBaby Zubeida
Leela RaghunathLeela Chitnis
JudgeDewan Basheswarnath Kapoor
Honey O'Brien
Om Prakash Mehra
Manek Kapoor
Prayag Raj
Raj lives a life of poverty as a result of being estranged from his vindictive father, a wealthy district judge (played by Kapoor's real-life father Prithviraj Kapoor). Judge Raghunath threw Raj's mother out of the house years earlier on suspicion of infidelity. As a child, Raj befriends Rita in school, but Raj is removed from the school rolls while trying to maintain a job and Rita moves to another city. Even though they are separated, Rita remains in Raj's thoughts.

On the streets, Raj turns to a life of petty crime and finds a father-figure in Jagga (K. N. Singh). It is only many years later that Raj realizes that Jagga is the man responsible for his mother's estrangement. While planning a bank robbery with his friends, they realize they need an automobile. He snatches a woman's purse after she steps out of the car, but finds no keys, and pretends to pursue the thief to release suspicion from himself. After his elaborate act, he returns the purse to the woman, who is soon revealed to be Rita. Rita is now the warden of the Judge, who suspects that Raj is no good and eventually restricts Rita from seeing him. As soon as Raj realizes that Jagga is responsible for his mother's misery, he kills Jagga in a fit of rage and then attempts to kill the Judge. Due to these actions, Raj is brought to his own father's court, where Rita serves as his lawyer. In the end, Raj is sentenced to 3 years in prison for his crime, but Rita promises to wait for him.
Release Date1-Jan-51
Awards: Unknown.

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