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Avakai Biryani (ఆవకాయ్ బిర్యానీ) 2008

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DirectorAnish Kuruvilla
WriterAnish Kuruvilla
ProducerSekhar Kammula, Chandra Sekhar Kammula
Music DirectorManikanth Kadri
Film EditingPraveen Boyina
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersNaveen Iyer, Chitra, Ranjith, Rahul Nambiar, Tippu, Karthik, Swetha, Manikanth Kadri, Saindhavi, Shreya Ghoshal
Kamal Kamaraju
Bindhu Madhavi
Rao Ramesh
Avakai Biryani (Pickeled Biryani) is a coming of age story of two individuals from two totally different backgrounds and cultural upbringing. The only similarity between them is the fact that they both belong to the same picturesque, historic town of Devarakonda, a few 100 km outside of Hyderabad city.

Akbar, an orphan Muslim is the male protagonist. An auto driver, whose days are all about lugging passengers from one town to another on the highway. But driving an auto is not all he wants to do. He wants more in life. His continuous goal is to pass his final year examinations, something he has failed to do now three times in a row.

Lakshmi, a traditional Brahmin girl is the female protagonist, she and her family resettle in Devarakonda, having been displaced from Polavaram. Her family used to traditionally run a hotel over there for many years. Her aim now is to be able to open up a hotel on the highway near Devarakonda and make it a success. She also takes a lot of pride in the avakai (mango pickle) she makes and has big plans of selling them in Hyderabad.

While these central characters go about their goals, the town of Devarakonda itself has a lot of things going on. The village panchayat which seldom takes care of its own people, a thriving 7 seater auto business run corruptly, etc. The conspirators in this case being two influential people in the town.

Akbar and Lakshmi become friends after first being apprehensive about each other's faiths and backgrounds. Their relationship doesn't evolve into love right away, instead there is a good deal of self-respect for each other's dreams and ambitions, which much later turns into a mature loving relationship.

The goings on in the town compel Akbar to take a stand on certain issues. He becomes an accidental hero, but what happens to his relationship wth Lakshmi? How much further can it go? Her father is uncompromising in his attitude towards Muslims….the couple take a decision…. Avakai Biryani is a social/romantic/coming of age film. It intends to romanticize highway roads, small towns and their people's ambitions and finally the whole point of view about Muslims and Hindus, how different can we be if we are all human in the first place.
Release Date14-November-2008

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