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Aradhana (ఆరాధన) 1962


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BannerJagapathi Pictures
DirectorV. Madhusudhan Rao
ProducerD. Ranga Rao , V. B. Rajendra Prasad
Music DirectorS.Rajeswara Rao
CinematographyC. Nageshwara Rao
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersGhantasala, P.Suseela, S.Janaki, Swarnalatha, P.Nageswara Rao
CharacterActor / Actress
MuraliAkkineni Nageswara Rao
LingaihRamana Reddy
Anuradha loves Murali in college, but keeps to herself. Because of jealous classmate Sarala's trickery, Anuradha complains about Murli to Principal resulting in hatred between them and also in Murali losing scholarship. With the help of his uncle Lingaiah, Murali goes to London for higher studies. Lingaiah in return wishes to give his daughter Lakshmi to Murali upon his return. Lingiah appoints Anuradha as care taker of her innocent cousin Lakshmi. Anuradha comes to know about their plan and sacrifices her love for her cousin. Lakshmi has different plans; She was in love with her brother in law Yoganandam and not interested in Murali. She asks Anuradha to write replies to Murali's letters on her behalf. Anuradha who herself loved Murali goes through lot of struggle in the process.
Murali loses his eyes in a lab accident resulting indifference from his uncle and Lakshmi. Anuradha pretends as Lakshmi and nurses him, while he is blind. She prepares for his operation with the help of their common friend Sarathi (Jagaiah) and Principal. She plans to disappear after the eye surgery, but Murali recognises the difference and insists he wants the Lakshmi that served him. Movie ends with the reunion of the lovers.
The love between main characters is silent and so they do not have any duets. Apart from solo songs, all duets in movie are between side characters, Girija and Relangi
Release date1962

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