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Appula Apparao (అప్పుల అప్పారావు ) 1991

Appula Apparao_1991

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BannerKamadhenu Creations
DirectorE.V.V. Satyanarayana
WriterSatyanarayana E. V. V., Sriram L. B.
Music DirectorRajan Nagendra
CinematographyV. Srinivas Reddy
Film EditingK. Ravindra Babu
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersS. P. Balasubrahmanyam, K.S. Chitra, S. Janaki, S. P. Sailaja, Ramesh
Character Actor/Actress
Appa RaoRajendraprasad
Subba LaxmiShobana
Sankara SastriSomayajulu J. V.
Iron legIronleg Sastri
Chilipi DongaTanikella Bharani
Ammaji HusbandSuthi Velu
Nadendla AnjaiahBabu Mohan
Sankara Sastris wifeAnnapoorna
Thatha RaoMallikharjunarao
Thatha Rao wifeJayalalitha
Jyothichitra vaaduChidathala Appa Rao
Appa Rao (Rajendra Prasad) is a bachelor who manages every day by living off the loans he takes from others. He manages to coerce the local MLA Nadendla Anjaiah (Babu Mohan) into promising for repaying his debts in exchange for the votes in Anjaiah's favor from the debtors of Appa Rao. One night, he meets a lady constable Subba Lakshmi (Shobana) who slaps him for trying to protect some rowdies who tried to molest her. They meet again and spar with each other, this time over a lottery ticket for Rs. 10 lakhs, and end up tearing the ticket. The seller (Ali) refuses to take it back instead advises them to keep the two halves with them so that if they win the lottery they could share the prize money. As luck would have it, their ticket wins the lottery and Appa Rao fakes a story about his family troubles to retrieve the other half of the ticket from Subba Lakshmi. Though aware of the pretense of Appa Rao, she gives away the other half as she comes to know that the ticket didn't win the lottery and it was mistakenly printed in the newspaper earlier. Appa Rao later realises the same and confronts her, but she tells him that she sacrificed her ticket as she believed his story. As a result, Appa Rao falls in love with her and overcome by emotion, also tries to kiss her, but she slaps him for the second time. Subba Lakshmi also falls in love with Appa Rao.
Appa Rao meets an astrologer Shastri (Brahmanandam), who foretells him that he could inherit huge sums of money if he marries a woman who slapped him thrice. Appa Rao reveals to Shastri about his encounters with Subba Lakshmi and Shastri tells him that he would marry her. Just as he finishes his statement, enter Iron Leg Shastri (Ironleg Sastri), who so influences the prophecy of his brother that whatever his brother foretells, it turns out to be the opposite way. He tells Appa Rao that Subba Lakshmi would die as his brother had intruded into the scene. However, he tells Appa Rao that he could avoid this bad omen if he married a dying woman. His initial attempts go in vain. Finally, he accidentally meets Ammaji in a temple and convinces her into marrying him with her dying elder daughter, Bangari (Sindhuja). However his plans turn upside down after marriage after he realises that he was tricked into this marriage by Ammaji. Appa Rao plans to have divorce from Bangari but Ammaji puts a condition that, before taking divorce, he should marry off all her daughters. With the help of Subba Lakshmi, whom he manages to convince about his marriage with Bangari, he is able to arrange the marriage of his sisters-in-law at the same time. After the marriages, Ammaji requests Appa Rao to reconsider his decision of taking divorce, but to no avail. Finally, Subba Lakshmi is revealed to be the eldest daughter of Ammaji and Appa Rao ends up marrying both Subba Lakshmi and Bangari.
Release Date01-January-1991

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