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Anthaka Mundu Aa Tarvatha (అంతకు ముందు ఆ తర్వాత) 2013

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BannerSri Ranjith Movies
DirectorMohan Krishna Indraganti
WriterMohan Krishna Indraganti
ProducerK. L. Damodar Prasad
Music DirectorKalyani Koduri
CinematographyP. G. Vinda
Film EditingMarthand K. Venkatesh
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersKaala Bhairava, Sravanthi, Kalyani Koduri, Sri Krishna, Sunitha, Hemachandra, Prashanthi Tipirneni, Koganti Deepthi

AnilSumanth Ashwin
Anil's FatherRao Ramesh
SridharRavi Babu
Srinivas Avasarala
Anil's MotherRohini
Thagubothu Ramesh
Kalyani Malik
Narayana Rao Uppalapati
Anil (Sumanth Ashwin) is a guy who does not want to settle for an arranged marriage. His mother Sujatha (Rohini) is keen to get him married and he decides to push off to Hyderabad, to escape from the pressure. He has the support of his father (Rao Ramesh). In Hyderabad, he comes across Ananya (Eesha) and falls for her. Ananya is a painter and greeting cards designer and she works for Latha (Jhansi). Anil starts wooing Ananya and she falls for his romantic charms. But Ananya is a little apprehensive about taking the relationship further. Her parents Sridhar (Ravi Babu), a Daily serial creative head and Vidhya (Madhubala), a yoga expert and acting fetish keep having arguments and this worries her. Anil sets a company based on flowers supply.

After Ananya expresses her problems, Anil also has similar worries. “What if our relationship becomes boring and mundane after marriage" is the question on their minds. They decide to have a secret live-in relationship, to see if they have good compatibility. For that, they rent in a flat for 2 months with a condition that they should not try to impress each other and should be themselves. So their life starts on a slight disturbing note and a night, Ananya experiences Food poisoning during her menstrual periods and Anil, who hates diseases, after losing in a heated argument with her, takes her to Hospital. After returning from the Hospital differences crop up as both argue again. But however both reconcile next morning. After everything seems fine, Anil and Ananya is shocked to find out that they had sex the previous night and are tensed. Fortunately Ananya is found to be out of risk of pregnancy.

Next Day, the couple had to babysit Latha's son because of Latha's departure to America due to some Emergency. Though they find it initially hard, they gel with it after some days. This happens to continue for weeks and Ananya is annoyed as Anil ignores her as he is indulged in the baby's care. As Ananya is about to leave Mumbai for a painting exhibition for a week, she comes to know that her mother is going to divorce her father after winning an award for Best Vamp in a serial aired in Sridhar's rival channel. Thus after Latha comes back, Anil vacates the flat after the request of Ananya to stop their live-in relationship. Meanwhile Anil's father comes to know about the betrayal done to him by Sujatha before their marriage which he shares with Anil.

Anil's father loved Shyamala (Pragathi) but their marriage was opposed by Anil's Grandparents. By that time Sujatha, who had a one side love for Anil's father coerced Shyamala and her family to vacate the town, paving way for their marriage. This fact was told to him after 25 years by one of Sujatha's cousins before he died. Now Shyamala is in a hospital in Hyderabad and the duo go to the hospital and are shocked to find out that the donor of the required liver tissue is Sujatha. She did it as an act of confession to waive the sin of separating them, raising her level of respect and love in the hearts of the Duo. On the other hand Sridhar is filled with sorrow as Vidhya left him but to the surprise of Sridhar and Ananya, Vidya arrives the next morning as she came due to change in Sridhar's and her attitudes after Anil spoke to her in private about the life with Ananya spent in a span of 2 months. After gaining acceptance from both families, an emotional Ananya reconciles with Anil.
Release Date23-August-2013

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