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Ankhon Dekhi (आँखों देखि) 2014

Ankhon Dekhi

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BannerMithya Talkies
DirectorRajat Kapoor
WriterRajat Kapoor
ProducerManish Mundra
Music DirectorSagar Desai
CinematographyRafey Mehmood
Film EditingSuresh Pai
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersKailash Kher, Mansheel Gujral, Shaan, Ronkini Gupta
Character Actor/Actress
BaujiSanjay Mishra
AmmaSeema Pahwa
ChachaRajat Kapoor
ChachiTaranjit Kaur
RitaMaya Sarao
ShammiChandrachoor Rai
AjjuNamit Das
Shibbo BabuBrijendra Kala
Sarup BuaAlka Chatwal
Sharma JiManu Rishi Chadha
BaooaMahesh Sharma
Chaudhary SaabAnil Chaudhary
JeevanManish Karnatak
DhruvDhruv Singh
BossSaurabh Shukla
GopiDanish Hussain
PanditYogendra Tikku
AshokChaitanya Mahawar
AnilChetan Sharma
ArunShivam Sethi
Ajju's FatherNaresh Gosain
Ajju's MotherSuman Chowdry
DoctorSandip Chowdry
ManishMunish Bhardwaj
JiaJia Bhardwaj
SatyaMukesh Kumar
GoonYadvendra Brar
GoonJaved Khan
Office ColleguePratik Chandarana
Office CollegueSohan Kumar Jha
Office PeonVidya Bhushan
TailorMajid Khan
Bitto BaiyaBitoo Chhabra
Master JiShrikant Verma
Tourist Photographer (uncredited)Ranvir Shorey
Raje Bauji (Sanjay Mishra) is a man in his late fifties, living out a dreary but eventful life in a small house in old Delhi, where he lives with his extended family. The movie starts with Babuji narrating his dream where he sees himself flying like a bird free from all the worldly affairs.A random incident is going to change his life in a dramatic way, though he does not realise at the moment. Bauji's daughter has been seeing a boy of ill repute. When that fact is revealed to the family, after much deliberation they decide to lock up the girl and go beat the willful boy.

When they actually confront the boy, to Babuji he seems like a very nice person. This event radically changes his life & he decides that he will believe only what he is able to see, hence the title of the film Ankhon Dekhi. Over a period of time he refuses to worship god & treats prasad as just another sweet. He is working as a travel agent & refuses to book tickets to Amsterdam since he has not seen Amsterdam. To uphold his ideals he quits his job. He resorts to a very idealistic mode & takes things to extreme levels to explore his theory. At first his neighbours consider him a lunatic old man, but over a period of time they start admiring his logical reasoning & start blindly following him.

Once while intervening a petty loan issue with a loan shark he refuses to believe the bad reputation of the loan shark. He concludes that he is a good person, based on his observation. Over a period of time he forms a rapport with the loan shark & is recruited by him in his illegal gambling den. His followers also start. He gives consent to his daughter's marriage to the boy she loves & almost sorts out all the emotional issues with his estranged brother. Now free from all responsibility, he leads a life where there are almost no blind spots and a lot of clarity in his life and he takes his wife for a vacation. While chatting he narrates to his wife that he feels very light, just like a bird flying in free skies. His wife jokes about his experience, inadvertently challenging his own theory that he doesn't know how a bird actually flies. In the middle of the night he walks towards the cliff & we see Babuji narrating his dream which we had seen in the beginning. Now that he has experienced everything, he is yet to experience flying. As the film ends, Bauji can be seen flying down a cliff.
Release Date21-March-2014
Filmfare Awards (2014):
Best Screenplay - Rajat Kapoor
Best Production Design - Meenal Agarwal

Best Film (Critics) - Rajat Kapoor
Best Actor (Critics) – Sanjay Mishra
Best Story – Rajat Kapoor

Screen Awards (2015):
Best Story – Rajat Kapoor
Best Supporting Actress – Seema Pahwa

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