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Andala Rakshasi (అందాల రాక్షసి) 2012

Andala Rakshasi_2012

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BannerVarahi Chalana Chitram
DirectorHanu Raghavapudi
WriterVarun Prabhas
ProducerSai Korrapati, S.S.Rajamouli
Music DirectorRadhan
Film EditingG.V.Chandrasekhar
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersHaricharan, Rakendu Mouli, Ranjith, Veena Ghantasala, Bobo Shasi, Sathya Prakash, Bhargavi Sridhar
Character Actor/Actress
MidhunaLavanya Tripathi
SuryaNaveen Chandra
GauthamRahul Ravindran
C.V.L.Narasimha Rao
“Love is the irresistible gravity between hearts that pulls them into the game of fate.”
The story of Andhala Rakshasi is set during the days of 1991. It is centre-staged on three pure hearts Surya, Gowtham & Midhuna and is about falling in love, forgetting and waiting for love. The story celebrates love as well as exposes its dark side of tormenting its patrons in pursuit of it. The three characters resemble the three celestial bodies Sun, moon and Earth. Set in motion by the force of love, the three individuals can neither come close nor cut off but are destined to revolve around the dear ones. In this pursuit of pure love they will be thrown to destinies that they never imagined.
The story revolves around Midhuna (Lavanya), a beautiful small town girl, Gautham (Rahul), a part-time guitarist, and Surya (Naveen), a scrap artist. Gautham and Surya fall in love with Midhuna. She means everything to them but they do not know each other.
Gautham, the only son of a rich dad, working as a part-time guitarist in a local pub falls in love with Midhuna at first sight for her innocence and follows her. Later he goes out of town for a while. In Gautham's absence, Midhuna meets with a fatal accident and Gautham's father helps to cure her, with a marriage proposal in return. Later Gautham reaches the hospital, finds out her name and takes care of her. Mithuna suffers four months in coma. He also finds out Midhuna is in love with another guy, Surya, who died in the same accident. After a few months, on the marriage day of herself and Gautham, Midhuna asks for some time to forget Surya. Gautham takes her to his house at a hill station. Midhuna is unable to forget the memories of Surya. All the pain suffers Gautham. After many days, Mithuna starts to have feelings for Gautham regarding the respect and the true love of him for her. she asks Gautham to marry her. He feels very happy to hear that but fate plays a twist in their lives. Gautham discovers that Surya is alive and living distant to Midhuna. Why?
A few months ago, Surya, a street guy, falls in Love with Midhuna at first sight while travelling in a bus. Surya makes several attempts to gain Midhuna's love and finally succeeds. Soon after, Midhuna meets with a car accident and her parents are unable to bear the cost of the treatment. Gautham father arrives in the picture and makes a marriage proposal. Midhuna's father requests Surya to leave for her life. Surya who has a heart break revolves on the roads of Anantagiri. After knowing the truth, Gautham tells Midhuna that Surya is alive. She gets emotional but refuses to marry him. Gautham's father plans to kill Surya for the love of his son. Gautham comes to know the plan and tells his father that he is getting killed instead of Surya, in the hands of paid murderers on the telephone. Gautham sacrifices his life for Midhuna after getting stabbed and hitting a vehicle. Before he dies, he feels Midhuna is walking away in front of his car. Midhuna feels heartbreak for the second time. Later Midhuna and Surya meets each other . Gautham's love succeeds when Midhuna asks Surya for time to forget Gautham. Later it is revealed that the dead man at graveyard is Gautham's father who was missing for a while.
Release Date10-August-2012

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