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Adavi (అడవి) 2009

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BannerUTV Motion Pictures
DirectorRam Gopal Varma
WriterNilesh Girkar, Puneet Gandhi
ProducerRonnie Screwvala, Ram Gopal Varma
Music DirectorBapi, Tutul, Imran, Vikram
CinematographySurjodeep Ghosh
Film EditingNipun Gupta
Art DirectorAparna Sud
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersVicky B.Joshi, Shweta Pandit, Runa, Boni, Janaki, Imran, Bhaven, Banjyotsava, Bapi, Keka Ghoshal
Character Actor/Actress
AashaPriyanka Kothari
SameeraRasika Dugal
SharmanGautam Rode
MoorthyIshrat Ali
JjHoward Rosemeyer
ShakkyKali Prasad Mukherjee
LaxmanIshtiyak Khan
SetuJoy Fernandes
RakkaRavi Kale
GoonAdesh Bhardwaj
A film unit goes to a forest to shoot a film. JJ (Harvey Rosemeyer) the director, considers himself as India"s answer to Steven Spielberg. Sharman (Gautam Rode) is the hero of that film, while Aasha (Priyanka Kothari) is the heroine. Sujan (Nitin) is the assistant director, while Sameera (Rasika Duggal) is his assistant. While Sameera has a crush on Sujan, the latter silently loves Aasha, but doesn"t dare to reveal his love. As it is an action film, the stunt master Raka (Ravi Kale) joins the team, besides Lakshman (Ishteyak Khan) the cinematographer. Murthy (Ishrat Ali) is the producer of the film.

The unit members reach the forest by plane and Sharman, being a hero, tries to dominate every minute. He threatens to leave the place but could not do so as he comes to know that plane service to that place would be only twice a week. They reach a particular place where the film was supposed to be shot. However, the camera gets damaged and the cinematographer tells the producer that to bring another one which would take some days. As there is no work, the forest guide, Setu (Joy Fernandes)agres to take them inside the forest.The crew reaches a secluded but beautiful place.

While they enjoy the picturesque place they hear a wild cry and to their surprise, they find Setu killed in a gory manner. With the forest guide himself killed, they do not know how to return and they start trying to reach their base camp. Even as they start running, producer Murthy also gets killed. A few minutes later, director JJ also dies in a gory manner atop a high tree. Nobody in the unit knows who is behind the murders. As they start running for their life, Lakshman gets injured in a freak accident and Sharman and Raka fight with each other. As Lakshman is sure that he can"t walk and the unit members are not willing to move without him, he commits suicide by stabbing himself. In a fit of anger Sharman threatens to kill Raka with a bolder, but leaves him at the behest of Sujan. But Raka in a fit of anger kills Sharman with the same boulder. At that time, they hear a sound from behind. Raka who believes that he is a great fight master dares that unknown power to face him. That force pulls Raka into the ground and blood starts oozing from ground giving a feel that he is killed to the other unit members. With all the other members dead, only Sujan, Aasha and Sameera remain alive.

Unable to run any more, Sameera jumps from a hillock and commits suicide, leaving Sujan and Aasha. As there is no hope of life, Sujan reveals his love towards Aasha and she too accepts his love. Now, the love game begins as both of them decide to save each other for the sake of love. In the climax, Sujan realises that the unknown power fears water and they reach a stream and goes in the way it flows and finally reach a place where there are some people, who recognise Aasha. The film ends there abruptly, with a notice by the director that there is a sequel to this film called Adavi-2.
Release Date07-August-2009

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