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7½ Phere (7½ फेरे) 2005

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Banner G.P. Siddartha Film Academy
DirectorVandemataram Srinivas
WriterVandemataram Srinivas
ProducerDr.G. Nagaiah
Music DirectorVandemataram Srinivas
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersKarthik , Hemachandra, Rahul Nambiar, Sonu Kakkar, Anuj Gurwara, Rita, Priya Himesh, Ranjith, Priyadarshini, Sudha
Avinash is a typical good for nothing chap, or so he seems though he finds a seat in an engineering college with strict disciplinary rules. The college principal, Nagi Reddy, doesnt like sports, or fun or the typical love stories that happen in colleges. His daughter Amrutha, is much like him and she too studies in the same college.Avinash, who is a kind of a rebel, atleast for the college, helps a college mate and her boyfriend. In the process Amrutha, changes her views about college-love stories and falls madly for Avinash. When the girl father comes to know of it, the hero challenges him on phone to find who he is if he can. Apart from various other side tracks, how long Avinash keeps the girls father from recognizing his true side forms the rest of the story.
Release Date19-September-2014
Budget₹65 crore (US$8.9 million)
Revenue₹34.25 crore(US$5.2 million)
BannerEagle Films
DirectorRajiv Mehra
WriterAshwani Dhir
ProducerRajiv Mehra, Rajesh Mehra, Umesh Mehra
Music DirectorSajid-Wajid
CinematographyCarlton D'Mello
Film EditingManish Jaitly
Art DirectorTina Dharamsay
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersSukhwinder Singh, Godkartz
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