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Yuvatha (యువత) 2008


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BannerWorth Watching Entertainments
ProducerHari Tumma, Uma Prakash
Music DirectorMani Sharma
CinematographyT Jaswanth
Film EditingMarthand K Venkatesh
Art DirectorNarayana Reddy
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersRanjith, Rahul Nambiyar , Naveen, Hemachandra, Harini Sudhakar, Rita, Murali, Malathi
CharacterActor / Actress
Raghu Babu
Narsing Yadav
Jayaprakash Reddy
Monali Chowdary
Guest RollKrishnudu
Naga Chaitanya
Srinivasa ReddySrinivasa Reddy
Sayaji Shinde
Narasimha Uthkam
There can be any number of bonds and relations in the life of a person, but if he/she lacks a friend, with whom they can share their affection and thoughts, it is a waste even if it appears to be complete. Based on this theme Parashuram, an associate of Puri Jagannath has made this film 'Yuvatha'. Nikhil, Aksha, Subhash, Ranadheer, Narasimha, Shayaji Shinde, Jaiprakash Reddy, Srinivas Reddy are the main cast of the film. Hari and Umaprakash have produced the film together on Worth Watching Entertainments banner. The film is released on th this month. Story Veerababu (Nikhil) is a young chap of Kesavaram who idly roams around the village. As hes orphaned at a tender age, he grows under the guardianship of his uncle and aunt. One day his uncle questions him of his carefree lifestyle. Raged by the words, the hero goes to Hyderabad to stay with his frien Ajay (Subhash). There he meets Subbu (Ranadheer), Kiran (Narasimha) and Madhavi (Sonia). H gets to meet Baby (Aksha) through them. Baby, who has also lost her parents as a child, usually visits an old-age home seeking solace and befriends the occupants. One day on the occasion of Baby's birthday, Veerababu and friends arrange a party in a hotel. During the party some rowdies behave indecently with Baby. Veerababu enraged by their act, beats them all. Keeping the event in mind, the rowdy group attacks Veerababu and friends one day. During this Subbu gets hurt severely. The operation cost gets estimated as lakhs at the hospital, and the doctors warn that if is not performed Subbu may lose his life. Consequently, Veerababu and friends try all the ways for money but fails to get it. Finally, they approach Laddu Bhai (Narsingh Yadav) the villain, and they borrow the required amount promising to repay it in a week. A week passes by, and Laddu Bhai starts pressuring them from the repayment. Not finding a way the friends plan to robe an ATM. Bad luck strikes them again and a stranger misleads Veerababu and Ajay and flees with the loot of crores, trapping the friends in to the custody of Police. Police take them to the central prison. What are the consequences? Who is the person who looted the crores? Did Ajay's dream of going to America become true? Subbu who was aspiring to be a director, could he make it? Could the security guard Kiran become a Police officer? How did Veerababu and Ajay escape from the prison? This row of questions will be answered on screen in the two and half hour of Yuvatha. Artists Performance Nikhil who has shown good performance with his very first film 'Happy Days', exhibited ease in acting as Veerababu. He has fulfilled the purpose for which director Parashuram selected him. Regarding his dance performance, Nikhil did well in both mass and class songs. If he improves his body language a bit more, he can do different types of characters like a versatile actor. Aksha - although this is her first film as a heroine, she did well in sentiment scenes and song sequences. The roles enacted by Subhash as Ajay, Ranadeer as Subbu, Narsing Yadav as Laddu Bhai, Jaiprakash Reddy as jailer and Srinivas Reddy as the jailers assistant, has been done brilliantly within the purview of their roles. Shayaji Shinde as one of the prisoners (Nana) showcased pleasant comedy. Similarly, Jeeva as the Hyderabad Badsha do tickle the funny bone to an extent. Technicians Work The music and re-recording rendered by Mani Sharma stands tall as one of the important highlights. Every song is melodiously tuned as well as beautifully featured. Marthand K Venkatesh's editing is excellent. Without any unnecessary lags, the show has been presented in a serene manner. Jaswanth tried to showcase every frame and song of the movie beautifully. We can say that his photography stands as the main asset to the film. The additional screenplay rendered by Danthuluri Chaitanya adds pep to the movie. Ram-Lakshmans fights, Narayana Reddy's art work are good Director's portrayal Parashuram has earlier worked in the direction team under the maker of hits, director Puri Jagannath. Although this is his first film, the audience will never get the feel that this is the work of a debutant director. Parashuram's way of the narrating the story line as well as the songs is quite plausible. Parashuram joins the list of good directors introduced to Tollywood through 'Yuvatha'. Criticism We may any number of relatives and acquaintances in life, but if we lack a friend, with whom we can share our affection and thoughts, the life appears to be incomplete. The movie dwells on these lines and teaches us to share our joy and sorrow with people around us. Yuvatha also highlights the sweetness and value of friendship. Its is a film for the youth, and they will love it. On a final note, Yuvatha a pristine effort by debutant Parashuram and is a neat entertainer that delivers whatever is expected of it.
Release date7-November-2008

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