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Chintakayala Ravi (చింతకాయల రవి) 2008


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BannerSri Lakshmi Narasimha Productions
DirectorKona Venkat, Yogesh
WriterKona Venkat, Gopi Mohan
ProducerNallamalupu Srinivas (Bujji)
Music DirectorVishal, Shekhar
CinematographyRavindra Babu
Film EditingA Sreekar Prasad
Art DirectorChinna
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersKK,Sunidhi Chauhan, Sonu Nigam, Mahalakshmi Iyer, Shreya Ghoshal, Shankar Mahadevan, Vijay Prakash, Hansika
CharacterActor / Actress
Chintakayala RaviVictory Venkatesh
Ravi's FriendAjay
Ravi's FriendAli
DrunkardRaghu Babu
Bar OwnerBrahmanandam
TeacherDianna Brown-Smith
Sunita's DadChalapathi Rao
Ravi's DadChandramohan
DancerAarti Chhabria
Ravi's FriendGanesh
Rajeev Kanakala
DancerGraham Kurtz
Ravi's MomLakshmi
Ravi's FriendVenu Madhav
LavanyaMamta Mohandas
Ravi's UncleM.S.Narayana
Sunita's FriendNikitha
Ravi's FriendSrinivasa Reddy
Lavanya's UnclePradeep Shakti
Lavanya's DadSayaji Shinde
Software Company OwnerDharmavarapu Subramanyam
Ravi's FriendVenu
Chintakayala Ravi (Venkatesh) works in a bar named Cyber Wave in New York. He is a head waiter; he works with his three friends who also are waiters at the same bar. He has a soft spot for software engineers because he came to the US with the dream of becoming a software pro. Unavoidable circumstances prevented him from reaching that goal.

His mother Seshamamba (Lakskmi) tells everybody in her village in Andhra Pradesh that her son is big software engineer in America. Ravi is hit hard with a sentiment; for the sole reason of not wanting to hurt his mother's feelings, he continues to tell her the sweet lie that he truly is a software engineer in America.

However, problems arise when Seshamamba gets ready to marry her son to Lavanya (Mamta Mohandas),a local village girl, because Lavanya believes Seshamamba when she says that Ravi is a software engineer. So, when Lavanya asks her childhood buddy, Sunitha (Anushka), to enquire about Ravi, the truth comes out that he's a bar waiter. Her family gets angry that Ravi's family lied to them, and when Ravi arrives in the village for betrothal, he is subjected to humiliation. What happens later forms the remaining story. He troubles Sunitha. Later he saves Sunitha and Sunitha understands how a good person Ravi is when he saves her father. She aims a rejoining Ravi & Lavanya. In due course they fall in love with each other and get married.
Release date1-October-2008

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